The People of the Book – A Short Explanation‏

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Articles, Prince Karim Aga Khan - Ismailies
The following quotes from the Holy Qur’an and a speech by His Highness the Aga Khan are strikingly similar with respect to Islam’s attitude to believers of other faiths: 
“The Noble Qur’an extends its principle of pluralism also to adherents of other faiths. It affirms that each has a direction and path to which they turn so that all should strive for good works, in the belief that, wheresoever they may be, Allah will bring them together.” (His Highness the Aga Khan)
Sadruddin Fattoum’s article helps us understand the term “Ahlul Kitab” and encourages us to build bridges with people among whom we live. Please click A Brief Note on Ahlul-Kitab or ‘The People of the Book’.
Hopefully, you did not miss the following interesting pieces published recently:
“Birds Began It All” by Barnaby Rogerson

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