Aga Khan University, Karachi
Centre of English Language


Aga Khan University invites applications for the position of Secretaryat the Centre of English Language (CEL). 
The incumbent will be responsible to:

  • Announce courses;
  • Keep a follow-up on nominations;
  • Assist in conducting tests;
  • Prepare results and correspond with the departments for results, schedules of courses and changes in the schedules;
  • Keep a record of attendance and contact participants for absenteeism, punctuality etc.;
  • Keep a check of the fulfillment of criteria i.e. employees who attend the courses, courses/workshops and tests conducted;
  • Type handouts, prepare presentations and file course materials, documents etc. and;
  • Arrange venue for the sessions, audio-visual / media facility for the teaching sessions and arrange transport for the faculty from and to IED.


The applicants should have:



To Apply
Please send your CV to Email:

Please mark subject with the position applied.



Applications should be Submitted latest by September 23, 2011.


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